Rahul Sunny

Mr. Rahul Chandy Sunny is an experienced entrepreneur with more than 7 years of experience as a process support executive. His intention in learning new marketing skills has made him a creative professional as well as an organized personality. His expertise in project management with multi-tasking ability has made him flexible towards change adaptation. Mr. Rahul has effective communication skills and proper team-leading capability with strong analytical, problem-solving, and organizational abilities with strong decision- making skills. His well-versed knowledge of TALEO recruitment tool and expertise in setting up KPIs makes him more professional. Moreover, he is efficient in planning, organizing, and executing meetings as well as conferences.

Throughout his professional career, he has enriched tremendous energy, leadership, and team building aims to achieve operational excellence and provide best-in-class service. His process support execution assures that he possesses the necessary experience to establish a solid platform creating strong brand awareness in leading Optisych Care Inc. in Canada.



Mr. Sebastian Joseph is an experienced marketing professional who worked in various roles starting from entrepreneurship to managing daily business operations in his 32 years of work experience. The leadership quality of Mr. Joseph has elevated his performance in non-profit, project management, event planning, administration, and business development. The profound communication skills of Mr. Joseph have accelerated his efficiency in managing large projects while working with people from diverse backgrounds. The expertise of Mr. Joseph in analyzing market data and identifying opportunities has enabled the ventures to significantly develop a strong brand impression.

He is assumed to take charge as a CMO at Optisych Care Inc. in Canada. Using his perceived previous knowledge he will create, communicate and deliver offerings for customers' and stakeholders' value propositions.”


Dr. Jayakrishnan

Dr Jayakrishnan ES is an experienced Medical Professional, practicing in the Alternative Medicine domain. With his vast experience, he is managing the hospital's administrative work. He is profoundly skilled in assessing research quality including rating of research, and attribution of sources, and skilled to explain quantitative analysis and research findings. Mr. Jayakrishnan is proficient to maintain accurate and comprehensive records of research integrity and compliance activities as necessary to comply with appropriate regulations.

He has started his career at Nangelil Ayurveda Medical College, Kerala as a Resident Medical Officer. Dr. Jayakrishnan gained experience as a patient consultant as well as a senior medical practitioner assistant during the phase.



Mr. Sethu Chacko Veliyath is an experienced operational executive with huge experience in different operational management domains. He has insights into handling the technical details of international transportation, multiple modes, complex documentation, and varying custom regulations, developing distribution strategies, and building relationships with logistic intermediaries.

Mr. Veliyath has played various roles in the sector of operation executive over a period of time, and the majority of being in customs-related development. The key attributes of Mr. Veliyath are Self-motivated, hard-working, and goal-oriented with a high degree of flexibility, creativity, and commitment. Apart from this acumen, he is able to create and manage the organization's fiscal operating and capital budget and expenses. Additionally monitoring the operational performance of both internal and external service providers. His logistic and operational acumen assures that he possesses the necessary experience to establish a solid platform creating strong brand awareness in leading Optisych Care Canada.